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Services offered by Krsnahealing
Distance Healing
Crystal Healing
Accupressure (In India only)
Shirodhara (In India only)
Netra Tarpana (In India only)
Yoga (In India only)
Space Cleansing
Karna purrana (In India only)
Distance Healing of Problem Like:
  Distance Healing 1. Improvement children with low I.Q.
2. Delinquency among children.
3. Healing relationships.
4. Depression.
5. Obsession.
6. Black Magic.
7. Aggressive Behavior
8. Frequent losses in business
9. Recurring failure in studies
Counseling for
  Counseling 1. Addiction.
2. Depression.
3. Obsession.
  Reiki Thousand of years old holistic healing technique rediscovered by Doctor
Mikao Usui of Japan, It heals the person whole and complete i.e. mentally,
physically and emotionally at the same time leading to complete
transformation of life style. Universal life force energy called REIKI can
be transmitted across time and space. It heals anything and everything
(person object, issue, events and relationships, present, past and future
  Aura A Luminous oval shaped non visible shadow body surrounding the physical body of the human being, plants, animals and every other object (even the
minutest one called 'atom'.) This shadow body acts as a protection shield
and serves as a channel for entry and exit of positive and negative energies
from the body of a person, plant or animal "The stronger the aura, healthier
the person".
Crystal Healing
  Crystal Healing The Science which deals with the use of crystals for healing, negativity
elimination, increase of positive energies, charging of food items, drinks,
water, clothes, medicine etc. For saving of fuel just as petrol, gas, diesel
in motor vehicles and elimination of "Vastu Dosh" also.
  Accuprerssure Art of healing by applying pressure by the thumb on the specific points on
the palms and soles, even an eight years old child can learn and use it for
healing self and others.
  The art of finding out water, minerals, gold etc. from under the crust of
the earth.

A.Seeking information regarding missing persons, objects
B. Taking Decision on important issues.
C. Making choices (Personal Dowsing)
D. Finding Out the diseases and suitable medical therapy
E. Astrological Predictions

1.Agricultural Dowsing
2.Medical Dowsing
3.Personal Dowsing
4.Astrological Dowsing
It is the easiest of all techniques.

Panchakarma Shirodhara
  Shirodhara This exercise has a very good impact on the nervous system by calming down
the mind and all sensual organs. It is highly effective in migraine,
insomnia. It also improves Memory.
Netra Tarpana
  Netra Tarpana It is helpful in eye disorders like conjunctivitis, blurred vision and
Bell's Palsy etc.
  Yoga Yoga best ows inner strength, sharpens the intellect teaches to control the
emotions brings a rare concentration and efficiency into every action.
  Meditation Meditation is the final stage of Yogic Practice. The sustained and regular
practice of, Meditation and whole hearted dedication to the Almighty, A yogi
gradually gets submerged in the Divine Virtues like absolute knowledge,
power and bliss and finally becomes one with God by acquiring super human
Knowledge, power, bliss and purity.
  Naturopathy Natural health care systems were practiced by our ancient physicians
also. It strongly suggests the theory of "unity of disease and unity of cure.
Space Cleansing
  Preparation Space cleansing, homes,businesses for peace, harmony and prosperity.

Karna Purrana
  Preparation It is helpful in disease like deafness, Otis, stiffness in the neck,
dislocation of mandibular joint etc.

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